The New & Innovative DC Power Link is a purpose-built device which acts as a ‘Power Board’ and a Digital Multi-Meter for 12 & 24V Devices. The DC Power Link can connect power from one 12/24V power source to 3 individual devices. View Volts, Amps, Watts, Batter Percentage & Amp Hours of connected devices via the integrated Smart-Touch LCD Screen. View statistics both at an individual circuit level or as a complete overview of the total load on the power source. Devices and power source are connected via 50A Heavy Duty Connectors. The unit also features USB inputs for charging USB devices. The DC Power Link is suitable for camping, marine, 4WD Caravanning & recreational activities and can be used with a range of 12/24V connections including fridge/freezers, lighting, satellite tv, air compressors or charging phones & tablets via the integrated USB ports. The DC Power Link has a one-piece body moulded from UV Stabilised Polycarbonate/ABS Hybrid Material for added durability and is Design Registered by KT.


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Features & Specifications

Model No. KT70600
  • Measure Volts, Amps, Watts, Battery Percentage & Amp Hours of 3 ‘Outputs’ in real time (Percentage & Amp Hour will alternate every few seconds when displaying) 
  • LCD Backlit Touch display provides clear, visible readings day or night 
  • Automatically cycles through each ‘live output reading’ in ten-second intervals
  • LED indicator flashes to indicate which circuit is currently being displayed on the screen
  • The display turns off automatically after 40 seconds 
  • 4 mounting points allow easy and secure mounting (Stainless Steel Hardware included) 
  • Easy to identify input (commonly known as source) & output (commonly known as load) 
  • Dustproof & Splashproof 
  • Housing manufactured from durable UV stabilised Polycarbonate mixed with ABS 
  • Dimensions 86mm (L) x 86mm (W) x 22mm (H) 
  • Connects with 50A Heavy Duty Connectors (grey, black, red or blue) 
  • Single input rated to 50Amps
  • 3 Outputs each rated to 25Amps (50Amp unit total) 
  • 2.1Amp & 1Amp USB Outputs (3.1A Max) 


The DC Power Link was designed with simplicity in mind. Using the DC Power Link is very straightforward. 

Once a battery source is connected by 50A Heavy Duty Connector, the DC Power Link’s screen will activate and the battery voltage will be displayed on the screen. 

Once the device/s are connected via 50A Heavy Duty Connector, the DC Power Link will begin to automatically cycle through each circuit in a clockwise direction indicated by an active green flashing LED. The active circuit’s ‘Live Reading’ will be displayed on screen for 10 seconds each. Input LED always remains steady green and will not flash. 

After providing a reading for all devices, the DC Power Link will display the total load of all three ‘Output’ connections then the display automatically turns off. The full cycle is complete (40 seconds). Power is still fed through to all devices. The screen is easily reactivated by a soft touch of the LCD Display. 

Outputs can be turned ON or OFF individually, or all Outputs may be turned ON or OFF all at the same time via a simple touch of the Smart-Touch LCD. 

To view a reading again, simply soft-touch the ‘out’ icon adjacent to the circuit that you’d like to view. Reading will be displayed on screen for 10 seconds and the cycle will continue in a clockwise direction. 

USB’s may be connected or disconnected at any time.