Design registered, and designed and developed by KT, the innovative KT 125Amp In-line Power Meter is an easy way to view the Volts, Amps, Watts and Battery Percentage of your 12V devices by a simple touch of the LCD display. This unit is suitable for use with any 12V application and ideal for use with Solar Panels, camping & Marine Applications, 4×4 and Caravan applications. Dimensions & Weight: Dimensions (Height): 35mm Dimensions (Length): 100mm Dimensions (Depth): 20mm Features: 125 Amps, 100 Volts Measure Volts, Amps, Watts and Battery Percentage Display turns off automatically after 30 seconds Mounts easily to surfaces with 2 screws Unique input and output designed to suit 50Amp connectors One piece, durable unit with no messy cables Backlit display provides clear, visible readings day & night Warranty & Guarantees: 12 Month Warranty on Manufacture & Build Specifications: Operating Temperature: -30 to +80 Degrees Celcius IMPORTANT: Not Suitable for Mounting in Engine Bays or area’s where the Power Meter may be directly in contact with constant heat