Designed and Developed by KT, The innovative Commander Smart-Touch Switch Panels have changed the way people think of the common ‘switch panel’ or ‘switch bank’. Simply by touching the ‘Smart-Touch Screen, you have the ability to power lighting and other 12V appliances in Caravans, Motorhomes, Vehicles, Heavy Machinery, Boats and more. There are a wide range of applications as the KT Commander Series Smart-Touch Switch Panel can be used for ‘anything’ 12V. A sleek design allows it to be mounted almost flush with a surface, giving it a clean and tidy finish. Dimensions & Weight: Dimensions (Height): 116.5mm Dimensions (Width): 119.5mm Dimensions (Depth): 47mm Panel Weight: 1.2Kg Features: 4 Way Switch Panel Basic D.I.Y Wiring & Installation 20 Amps per circuit (80 Amps total) 30 Amp relay built into each 20Amp circuit Single & Dual LCD Voltage Display Splash-proof display, unit can be used for marine applications Unit can still be operated whilst wearing light duty gloves Blue ‘On’ and default Amber ‘Off’ Backlit Touch Screen for easy On/Off identification Over 48 icons to suit a wide range of applications Suitable for automotive and marine applications Warranty & Guarantees: 12 Month Warranty on Manufacture & Build