With an average diameter of 24mm, and a breaking strain in excess of 12,000kg, our Carbon Offroad Kinetic Recovery Rope is a true winner when it comes to offroad recovery performance. With a weight of 378gm per metre, it is lightweight but incredibly strong. Nylon is a dynamic fibre, when braided into a rope like ours it offers a high degree of stretch, allowing you to conduct a very safe, progressive recovery without huge shock loading on the vehicle. In fact, the more load you place on the rope, the more it stretches, here's the chart for your reference: QUALITY, RESPONSIBILITY AND PERFORMANCE. Carbon Offroad are massively committed to safety. We take our commitment to manufacturing recovery gear very seriously. Prior to every batch of ropes being packed and shipped, we airfreight a sample quantity (about 5 ropes) into Australia and destruction test these ropes to determine the average breaking strength of the batch. This testing is done here, in Australia at a registered and certified NATA test facility. Upon request, batch testing certificates can be provided. Our ropes also meet the Australian guidelines for recovery strap manufacturing. Even though recovery "ropes" do not have to conform to this standard, we feel that as an industry leader and commitment to providing not only an excellent product but education for new users as well, you will find our Kinetic Ropes conform to this standard. We also include with every rope an instruction manual for safe use of our ropes. The rope comes in a handy carry bag, with ventilated mesh ends allowing easy storage and abiltiy to breathe if it gets wet. THE CARBON OFFROAD MONKEY FIST IS AN ABSOLUTE WINNER! THE 12MM DYNEEMA IS RATED AT 14 TONNES MINIMUM BREAKING STRAIN AND WITH A SUPER HEAVY DUTY BRAIDED TIGHT SHEATH OVER THE DYNEEMA CORE, THIS SHACKLE IS BUILT TO TAKE SOME ABUSE. The oversized Monkey Fist knot will ensure that there is Zero chance of the shackle ever coming apart during a recovery. The braided heavy duty sheath allows you to go straight through a regular recovery point. Make sure it's in good nick though as the shackles can be damaged if the recovery point has nicks and burrs from previous use. Easy disassembly of the shackle after load is applied is just as easy if not easier than a steel shackle. You can use rope shackles for a number of uses: Connecting your vehicle to a snatch strap or kinetic rope Connecting a tree trunk protector strap to the winch hook Connecting two straps together to extend your reach. It also gives you further options like using it as an attachment point around a chassis rail or crossmember