Twin compartments and dual temperature control make this the ideal combo unit for those looking for maximum storage capacity but still in an overall efficient size. Compared to using 2 separate fridge/freezers the 90Twin uses less space and much less battery consumption. Unlike some other brand combo units - National Luna have full height and full wrap around cooling plates to each compartment. Eg: It doesn't rely on internal fans or removable panels to maintian proper performance. The LH bin is 40Lt and features 60mm thick wall insulation for excellent Freezer performance. The RH Bin uses 42mm wall insulation to give an amazing 50Lt of Fridge space. However the dual thermostats mean that both bins could be used as Freezers or both as Fridges depending on your needs. 12/ 24v DC and 240v AC are all built in and the unit will automatically select to run on mains power whenever it is available - but revert to battery power if the mains go off. Adjustable low voltage cut-out. Two digital thermostats ensure each bin maintains your desired temperature range without the need to adjust for hotter or colder weather. Rippled Stainless steel outer cabinet and smooth aluminium internal lining. Five (5) Plastic Baskets are fitted standard to 90 Twin Models.