Includes: Shocks Front Shock Absorbers 38-5651 Elite 2 EFS Elite 35mm Bore Touring Strut Rear Shock Absorbers 36-5426 Elite 2 EFS Elite 35mm Bore Touring Strut UPGRADE TO EFS XTR 40mm Big Bore Touring Shocks NOW AVAILABLE +$150 Misc Parts Rear Bush Kit UK867 Rear Ubolts C453-2 OR Rear Ubolts C454 Longer to suit HOL-17 or HOL-16HD Springs Rear Swing Shackles GR390 Castor Wedge kit CW-00 - 1 degree. May be required to reduce drive line vibrations Assembly - Preassembly of Front Coils onto Struts to make fitting easier Choice of: Front Coil Springs HOL-104E EFS 1 PR up to 60 kg load Front Coil Springs HOL-104HHE EFS 1 PR Constant 60-90kg load Front Coil Springs HOL-104HDE EFS 1 PR Constant 90-120kg Choice of: Rear Leaf Springs HOL-16 EFS 150kg Constant Load Rear Leaf Springs HOL-16HD EFS 2 Constant 300kg. Spring must be fitted with C454 Ubolts. Rear Leaf Springs HOL-17 EFS 2 EFS Comfort - Constant 450kg Spring must be fitted with C454 Ubolts. EFS Elite Shocks and Struts include the new DMC-T DMC-T DYNAMIC MOTION CONTROL TECHNOLOGY DMC-T is a new advancement in shock absorber technology developed by the EFS Research and Development Team here in Australia. Over the past few years, EFS have been pushing the boundaries of shock development & refinement to give you a shock that increases the control of your 4wd whilst maintaining positive traction to the contact surface. This new piston valve technology reacts within one hundredth of a second giving you 'on the fly' automatic adjustment of your shock absorbers which keeps you in control. In more simple terms, this valving system will negate the use of externally adjustable shocks because this technology adjusts automatically while you are driving to suit the driving conditions. During slow, off camber, off-road situations the EFS shock will allow your vehicle's suspension to move in a more relaxed state allowing for greater articulation and off-road control. And during high-speed situations eg.gravel roads and outback corrugations the valving tightens up with the speed of the fluid passing through the valve inside the shock, giving you added control and safety. The complete current range of EFS Shock Absorbers and Struts have now been enhanced with DMC Technology to give you piece of mind and confidence when you next take on your 4wd adventure.


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