INCLUDES WINCH CRADLE - Can suit upto 11,000lb Low mount Winch. INCLUDES BASH PLATE AND LED FOG LIGHTS Made from 8mm steel main winch cradle & 3mm side wings reinforced ADR69 compliant and airbag compatible Meets AS4876.1 2002 Suits most low mount winches upto 12,000LB Rated tow points(3500-4000 kg each Tested) Recommended use with bridal and winch only.. Powder coated in texture black or can be colour matched(Additional Cost) bash plate back to front diff included Fits factory fog lights - Base Models will require additional wiring to fog lights Loop does not protrude past the front of the bar Can suit 9inch LED spot lights or LED bars. 2x Spot light mounting points are located on the loop bar. The bar can be adjusted approx 20mm from the fender or can be adjusted to sit flush. Its a complete bumper replacement making install time frame 2.5-4Hr Install Difficulty = Medium (Some Trimming required)


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